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Web Administration

Hire us to be your web administrator. More than a decade experience in operating web pages and administering web sites. We do it all. Want to put your small business online? Then we can get the entire job done for you including registering your domain name, applying for security certificates and setting up and operating your host solutions including shared hosting, private servers and anything that comes along with it including Linux installations and maintenance for private servers. Many of these services are provided by a hosting company but customers are still expected to do a lot of the work.

We can take care of everything for you and have you up and running in a matter of days. Long before you finish reading your hosting help files looking for answers. Does not include web mastering or web design unless packaged together.

Web Mastering

Web mastering is the art of operating the day to day goings on of a website. Depending on your sites purpose this is a simple task performed daily or a full time endeavor adding new content and writing new material. Blogging is a typical duty of a web master as well as cropping and uploading images or video.

Some might be reading and responding to email sent to a site while others may be validating and approving comments and subscriber sign ups. While the nuts and bolts of the site may be done by web administrators the daily grind work is often times done by a web master. Costs associated with full time employees make most of these jobs prohibitive to many small businesses. Hiring a service vs hiring an employee has advantages.

PHP Scripting

PHP is by far the most popular and widely used server side scripting language around the world. It's primary function is to perform interactions with the web surfer and if need to process, store and execute certain functions in the background of a web site (server side) when data can be controlled and secured away from prying eyes. It operates much like javascript which is executed client side in the surfers web browser.

PHP is very much safer than javascript for web surfers as the processing and data are not run on a clients computer all the hacker holes associated with client side scripting are eliminated.

And if you need to database information, PHP and MySql are the only sane way to go. When you need scripting PHP is the only way to go.

HTML Coding

The actual code base that creates web pages. Limited in nature as it serves a single purpose. To place your communications on a page for the world to see. If all we ever had to do is type text then making a page would be easy. Well that is all you have to do. But you have to know what to type. :) We can help you turn your words into Hyper Text Markup Language.

We do not do graphic design
We may be able to find an artist who can help you get what you need
We are different kind of artists as are most people who do what we do